Lil Wayne’s Satanic Music Video

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Lil Wayne Satanic

Rap star Lil Wayne doesn’t seem to be hiding the fact that he is a Satanist in his new video “Love Me” featuring Future and Drake, a song in which Wayne says “These hoes love me like Satan,” basically saying that Satan loves him.

The video is disturbing to say the least, complete with evil imagery including women bathing in blood.

Lil Wayne Blood

The video also features demonic looking women locked up in cages.  Some of the women even have reptilian-like forked tongues thanks to computer graphics.

Reptilian Tongue

The flame from the lighter at the beginning of the video creates a silhouette of Baphomet.

And a Satanic music video wouldn’t be complete without the all-seeing-eye being symbolized by the covering of one eye.  This model’s eye is even being covered by a butterfly, the symbol for “Monarch” mind-control programming.

Butterfly One Eye



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Posted on February 20th 2013 in Illuminati, Videos